After-school club deemed ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted

Find out what's happening in a church near you
Find out what's happening in a church near you

An after-school club which looks after 28 children from four Leyland primary schools has been dubbed ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted.

Margaret Temmen, who runs the St Anne’s after school club from the Orthodox Christian Church on Leyland Lane, has blamed new national guidelines for her club failing the Ofsted inspection.

She said: “The new systems mean that we should be carrying on the children’s education after they finish school each day, but we’re not teachers; we’re not paid that much.

“I’ve been doing this job for 18 years and it used just be about letting the children play, but it’s all changing now.

“As care providers, Ofsted said we should be doing more, but we don’t have those kind of things in place.”

The club, which caters for children aged between four to 11 years and has four members of staff, moved into the church hall in April last year.

Ofsted described it as being a safe and friendly place, but said the management and staff ‘lack an understanding of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.’

“I am disappointed with the results,” Margaret said.

“Lancashire County Council is helping us with training now, but it’s mainly about filling out paperwork.

“We’re finding it hard but we don’t have much choice.”

Some of the areas Ofsted criticised included information about staff qualifications not being recorded, and regular appraisals not being carried out to identify training needs of staff.

It also said insufficient information is exchanged with parents about how the Early Years Foundation Stage is delivered; the range and type of activities and experiences provided for children; how parents and carers can share learning at home; and the name of each child’s key worker.

But the watchdog did recognise that children’s safety is a priority; that they have access to a sound range of toys and books; and that they develop an understanding of acceptable behaviour as they play alongside children from other schools.

The report adds: “Those parents who expressed a view at the inspection are very complimentary about the club and staff.

“They comment on the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and speak very positively about the staff.”

Ofsted will continue to monitor the club’s progress.