Fears moggies may be victim of ‘cat burglar’

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Worried cat owners in Leyland fear a feline-snatcher could be on the loose.

Residents living in the Moss Lane area say a number of cats have been going missing in recent weeks, sparking fears someone could be deliberately taking them.

Lindsay Tootell, who lives on Marshalls Brow, had her black and white cat Sooty for 12 years before it left without a trace on October 3.

She said: “Sooty has never gone missing before. He never goes further than the front door. I have been putting posters up everywhere and I have had so many people ringing me and saying their cats have gone missing too.

“It is all starting to add up. There are just too many going. We think someone might be taking them but it is all hearsay.”

Lindsay, who has two daughters aged 14 and 19, says she has been in touch with the neighbourhood services officers at the council to see if any cats have been recovered from the road, but says no moggies fit the bill.

Sooty leaves behind another of Lindsay’s Moggies, called Sweep.

She said: “Sooty would always be around when it was food time. It’s just not like him to run away.

“I am absolutely heartbroken. He was so loveable. He is nothing special and he’s no spring chicken but he is beautiful to me. I don’t know why anyone would want to take him.

“I am often out until 2am shouting his name.”

Andy Farrell, who lives on Moss Lane, said: “I have had posters put up outside my house and leaflets put through my door for different cats. For such a small area it is a lot of cats to go missing. Something must be happening.”

Lancashire Police confirmed only one cat has been reported stolen in Leyland in the last month, from an incident on Broadfield Drive. The cat later returned.