Hand of takeaway employee was trapped in machinery

Petra's Pizzas, Preston Road, Farington
Petra's Pizzas, Preston Road, Farington

A worker at a Leyland takeaway got her hand trapped in machinery during a shift last week.

The woman was using the dough-rolling machine at Petra’s Pizzas on Preston Road, Farington, on Tuesday night.

Fire crews were called at around 11.30pm to rescue the worker, who had the ring finger of her right hand stuck in the machine.

Spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Richard Edney, said: “We were called at 11.33pm to Petra’s Pizzas, with the caller saying a female worker had her finger trapped in a pizza dough rolling machine.

“The paramedics and the police were there too, and the woman suffered an injury to a finger on her right hand.

“Fire crews released her using the equipment we use to take roofs off cars when people are trapped from an accident on the road.”

The Guardian spoke to the worker who said she did not wish to comment any further than saying: “I’m fine. They took me to hospital but they sorted it out.”

Manager Hadi Nazari added: “She’s absolutely fine.

“She’s not back at work yet, but she has been in to see us and she’s fine.”

South Ribble Council’s environmental health team is now investigating the incident, which happened when the shop was open.

The takeaway made headlines in the Guardian in October when Mr Nazari was scolded by the council for breaching the terms of his license.

Mr Nazari had applied to the borough council to extend his opening hours to 2.30am on Fridays and Saturdays, instead of 1am.

But when the licensing committee found he had been breaching the terms of his licence, and staying open until around 3am on occasion, they slapped him with a notice to cut his trading hours.

The panel decided that the premise’s licence operating times should be changed to ensure that on Fridays and Saturdays, the takeaway can only provide food until 12.45am, with the doors closing at 1am.

The shop must close by midnight from Sunday to Thursday, as outlined in the original licence.