Lancashire woman saved from suicide calls for people to be open about mental health issues

When the world was getting too much for Becky Sumner, the kindness of a stranger prevented her taking the most drastic of actions. Today, she bravely tells her story to SARAH CARTER, to help give others hope and encourage them to reach out

Ambulances queuing outside Royal Preston Hospital. A queue of nine ambulances was spotted on Boxing Day, and paramedics reported a wait of up to 90 minutes to hand over patients

Ambulance service order to improve by inspectors

Lancashire’s ambulance service has been ordered to improve its safety standards after an inspection.

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Lifehouse, Lytham

Lancashire recommends... health food stores

As people use January to detox, here is a list of the best health food stores, as voted by readers.

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Adam Sumner

Shock cancer death spurs family fund-raising

When Adam Sumner revealed he had lung cancer, his relatives believed he would battle on and be successfully treated.
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Protest outside Wigan Infirmary A&E to highlight the impact that the closure of Chorley's A&E is having on other hospitals. Wigan has been affected with patients now coming from Chorley.

‘We’ll fight on for 24/7 Chorley A&E’

As Chorley’s A&E reopens, Megan Titley looks at what is next for the problem-hit department

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Health store

Where are the best health stores?

Selling anything from vitamins, protein shakes, nuts and vegetables health stores are a useful place to stock up on the essentials.

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Preston Muslim Society have raised over 61,000 for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation at Royal Preston Hospital

Fantastic donation for state-of-the-art imaging system gives hope to cancer patients

Cancer patients will now have access to a state-of-the-art, high definition imaging system that helps doctors get a clearer picture of certain types of cancers thanks to the ‘fantastic effort’ of Preston Muslim Society who have raised £61,500.

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Motivated Fitness, Tarleton

Lancashire recommends.... top independent gyms

As January appears to be the month where gyms experience the highest amount of new joiners, we take a look at the most popular independent gyms in the area.

Hundreds of operations per day on children to remove multiple teeth

Hundreds of operations per day on children to remove multiple teeth

More than 160 operations to remove multiple teeth from children were carried out every working day in England last year, usually as a result of tooth decay, data suggests.

Accident and Emergency

Lancashire feeling heat in hospitals crisis time

The ‘humanitarian crisis’ affecting British hospitals is being felt in Lancashire, according to those on the front line.

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Students are being urged to get vaccinated before they return to university

NW students urged to get Meningitis vaccine after surge in cases

A leading health body is urging unvaccinated first year students to get immunised against meningitis and septicemia after a recent surge in cases of the deadly diseases.

Long A&E waits have DOUBLED for elderly people in last two years

Long A&E waits have DOUBLED for elderly people in last two years

Very long waits of more than 12 hours in A&E among elderly people have more than doubled in two years, figures show.

IDEAS: An aerial shot of West Paddock in Leyland, where South Ribble Councils Civic Centre is based

Ten-year Leyland masterplan to go before council bosses

A masterplan is being drawn up to create a community and health ‘hub’ in Leyland.

A 16-year-old rugby player Tom Carus from Leyland could have died after a freak accident on the pitch - but for a trauma doctor who saved his life.

Teenager to says ‘thanks’ to Wenger for sickbed message

A TEENAGER saved from death on the sports field was hoping to say a personal thank you to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger today for playing a part in his miracle recovery.

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Running machine at the gym

Where are the best gyms in Lancashire?

As January appears to be the month where gyms experience the highest amount of new joiners, we take a look at the most popular gyms in the area.

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Attacks on ambulance crews have rocketed

Attacks on ambulance crews rocket in Lancashire

Ambulance bosses have branded more than 100 homes in Lancashire as too dangerous for paramedics to enter alone.
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Jo Stringfellow has her 'mojo' back after losing her excess weight

Preston mum shows off incredible transformation after losing over 4 stone in weight

It was a beautiful day for a christening, surrounded by family and friends Preston mum, Jo Stringfellow, should have been proud to appear in pictures with her newly christened daughter.
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Changing demographics: The makeup of Lancashire is chaging dramatically thanks to a number of factors.

Silver hue set for Red Rose county’s ageing population

The makeup of Lancashire’s population is changing dramatically. STEF HALL takes a look at what the future holds for the county of the next 30 years.

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Turtle love: Kayleigh Gray brings her donation in to  Royal Preston Hospital

Mum makes gift to life-saving unit

A KIND-hearted mum has given something back to a hospital unit that helped save her baby daughter’s life thanks to the support of her employers.

English breakfast

Where is best to go for a full English breakfast?

Nothing like a good fry-up to ease a hang-over, or to set us up for the day.
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