Childcare costs rise five times faster than wages

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Families in South Ribble have seen childcare costs rise five times faster than wages since 2010, new figures show.

Average childcare costs have risen by 30 per cent, affecting around 650 families in South Ribble.

For Leyland mum Claire Hamilton, 30, it means she has to restrict her working hours to save money on childcare.

She said: “Childcare costs are a big part of my monthly budget, and the cost increases every year - unlike my wages.

“The monthly nursery cost is more than mortgage or rent for me and many of my friends.

“It’s ridiculous that mums and dads across Leyland want to bring a decent wage home to support our families, but the cost of childcare restricts the hours we can work.”

Labour’s prospective Parliamentary candidate for South Ribble, Veronica Bennett, and Labour shadow deputy Prime Minister Ivan Lewis, met Claire in Leyland last week to discuss the need for increased childcare provision.

Miss Bennett said: “South Ribble families face a cost-of-living crisis.

“It can’t be right that people right here in our community lose out financially by going to work.

“Ed Miliband’s offer to increase free childcare by increasing the bank levy is great for the economy and it’s great for families.

“Labour’s plans will benefit 650 families in South Ribble, and this will be a huge help to hard working families in the community who are struggling to pay for childcare.”




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