McDonald’s 24/7 operation starting

Franchisee Nigel Dunnington at McDonald's, Leyland
Franchisee Nigel Dunnington at McDonald's, Leyland
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Leyland’s McDonald’s restaurant will this week start operating 24 hours a day.

Nigel Dunnington, franchisee of the Churchill Way eatery, was granted permission from South Ribble Council’s planning committee to extend the opening hours in October.

The application to amend the times was originally put forward in June last year, but was withdrawn before a decision could be made, following complaints from members of the public and the police.

It was argued that the store is an anti-social behaviour hotspot in South Ribble, but Mr Dunnington argued that a number of changes had been made to make staff more equipped to deal with rowdy youths.

Councillors suggested it should be allowed to open 24/7 on a 12-month trial basis.

The new hours, which also apply to the drive-through, started on Monday this week, and will be allowed to continue until October next year, when the idea will be reviewed.

Mr Dunnington said: “We have recruited more staff already because of the new hours, and we’ll be looking to take even more on in the run-up to Christmas.

“I think we’re looking at around 10 new employees, which is a good thing for the area.

“We’ve got 10 months left to trial this, and I’m confident that if we continue to work with the community and the police, we can make it work.”