New chippy now does home deliveries

Jushna Choudhury, Rezaul Majid and Mohammed Islam at Cod's Plaice, Towngate, Leyland
Jushna Choudhury, Rezaul Majid and Mohammed Islam at Cod's Plaice, Towngate, Leyland

A new Leyland chippy is currently one of the most talked-about developments in the town.

So when reporter Kay Taylor found out it now offers a home delivery service, she decided it warranted a update as part of the Guardian’s ‘Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local’ campaign.

The opening of Cod’s Plaice fish and chip shop in Towngate was the most read story on the Leyland Guardian’s wesite for the whole of March.

It seems that people have an interest in new eateries and businesses, and this one had added intrigue as it replaced another popular chip shop – Th’owd Chippy.

It also built up momentum by advertising that a new chip shop AND an Indian takeaway would be opening in the spot, and was a hot topic on websites such as the Leyland Forum and the Leyland Memories Facebook page.

And now, it’s set to be the talk of the town once again as it has just launched a home delivery service – something which is rarely seen in chip shops.

Owner Rezaul Majid explains: “I asked around about why other chip shops don’t deliver, and they said it’s because the chips go soggy if they are left too long, because of the salt and vinegar.

“We’ve invested in some heated bags so that that doesn’t become a problem, and we’ve done a few home deliveries now.

“We also make everything from scratch and it’s good quality food, so that helps it to last that bit longer as well.”

Takeaways can be delivered within three miles of the shop.

“People have responded really well to it,” Rezaul adds.

“I think sometimes when you get in from work you don’t always want to be going back out to pick up your food, so now the people of Leyland can wait for it to delivered.

“We wanted to wait until we got into the swing of things in the shop before we started doing deliveries, and I have to say people have reacted really well.”

A sign advertising that ‘The Indians are coming’ is still on display in the window next to Cod’s Plaice, which was part of the Th’owd Chippy as well.

The former chip shop had an eat-in area but that is set to be transformed into an Indian takeaway called Mumbai Masala later this month.

And an Indian influence has also been introduced at Cod’s Plaice, with some items on the menu including ‘spicy batter’ and ‘fish curry

“We wanted to bring something a bit different to Leyland,” Rezaul adds. “Something a bit off-the-cuff.

“We’ve just hired a chef who has worked in five star hotels and restaurants in India, and we’re putting the menu together now.”