Railway ticket office to open this week

Leyland Railway Station's new ticket office
Leyland Railway Station's new ticket office

A new ticket office which has been built at Leyland Railway Station is set to open tomorrow.

The scheme is part of a wider project to improve the facilities at the station, and work which has already taken place includes introducing real-time information boards and modern waiting shelters.

Funding is now sought for a new footbridge and lift, which has meant the ticket office has been relocated to the car park.

It is hoped that the next stages of development will come to fruition with money from the Department of Transport’s Access for All programme.

Leyland Railway Station has been nominated for the next round of funding by Network Rail and Northern Rail, with a decision expected by summer.

This funding would facilitate the installation of the new bridge as well as a lift for wheelchair users, people with prams and those with limited mobility.