Woman ‘told police there was a bomb at Tesco’

Tesco, Leyland
Tesco, Leyland
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A Farington woman who reportedly told police there was a bomb at the Tesco store in Leyland has appeared in court.

Shauna Carmel Spedding, age 27, of The Square, School Street is accused of telling police on two occasions that were was a bomb at the superstore on Towngate.

She has pleaded not guilty to both charges, which were made in relation to incidents on February 17 and February 27 this year.

She is charged with ‘communicating to Leyland police information which she knew or believed to be false, with the intension of inducing in that person or any other person a false belief that a bomb was present in Tesco, Leyland’.

Spedding, who reportedly made the accusations from her home, appeared at Chorley Magistrates Court, and is due to appear back there today, March 7.

She has been remanded in custody up until this date.