Barracudas celebrate victory in home water

Leyland Barracudas
Leyland Barracudas
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Leyland Barracudas A team enjoyed a victory in front of their home fans at Leyland Leisure centre in the latest North West Micro League outing.

The third match of the season saw them host Southport A , Preston A and Blackpool A.

Shannon Ratcliffe was the first swimmer in the pool and posted a personal best in the backstroke leg of the girls’ 12 and under medley relay in which Leyland were third.

The 12 and under boys went one better in their relay race, but it was the nine-year-old girls’ relay team of Jessica Fisher, Rosie Linley, Jasmine Bracegirdle and Rebecca Ward who won Leyland’s first race.

Then the nine-year-old boys’ team of Jacob Chew, Tom Arkwright, Luca Bell and Bradley Snaylam followed suit and also won their freestyle relay.

A mix of second and third places followed in the next four relay races and Leyland were in first place, just one point ahead of Southport at the start of individual races.

The nine-year-olds swam well in the 25m freestyle with Jessica Fisher and Tom Arkwright winning their races.

Pia Murray and Kyo Tanner also put victories on the board, winning their 12 and under 50m butterfly events.

More wins followed from Jessica Fisher, Anna Dutton, and Kyo Tanner, and by the halfway mark, Leyland were on 71 points, a lead of two points over Southport.

The second half of the match saw wins for Bradley Snaylam, Oliver Pearce, Rosie Linley, Tom Arkwright and Pia Murray so ahead of the final set of relays, Leyland’s lead had grown to five points.

And strong performances in the last set of relays, with three wins, four second places and two third places secured their overall victory.

But for good measure, Leyland also won the boys and girls cannon, a great race to finish a memorable gala.

Final score: 1, Leyland A 144 pts; 2, Southport A 131; 3, Preston A 120; 4, Blackpool A 82