Everything you need to know about shopping at Booths during the coronavirus

If you are planning on shopping at Booths during the coronavirus pandemic, here is some information that might be useful.

With the UK now effectively in lock down, people are being asked to keep their shopping visits to a minimum to prevent the spread COVID-19.

Supermarkets are among the essential services and businesses that will remain open during the ongoing crisis, but measures are in place on how and when we should shop.

Booths have now introduced several new initiatives to support staff, customers and emergency service workers during this period.

This includes reserving the first hour of each day for serving emergency service workers, as well as an hour in the evening.

In addition, the supermarket will set aside 90 minutes each morning for elderly and vulnerable customers.

Booths supermarkets will provide two hours of priority shopping for emergency service workers and the elderly, every morning and evening

Booths supermarkets will provide two hours of priority shopping for emergency service workers and the elderly, every morning and evening

If you are planning to visit one of the North West's 28 Booths stores for your supplies, you might need to know the following information.

New opening hours

Booths are changing their opening hours to introduce two dedicated shopping hours for NHS and key workers in the morning and evening.

From tomorrow (Wednesday, March 25), most Booths stores will open between 8am and 8pm.

But the public are urged to shop after 11am.

This is because the first hour of trading is reserved for NHS and emergency service workers, followed by 90 minutes of shopping for elderly and vulnerable customers.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 8am - 8pm (excluding Chorley, 8am - 7pm)

Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Priority shopping hours

Monday to Friday, 7 - 8am - Shopping hour for NHS workers and emergency services

Monday to Friday, 9.30am - 11am - Shopping time dedicated to the elderly, vulnerable or at-risk groups

Monday to Friday, 8pm - 9pm - Evening shopping hour for NHS teams, teachers, social workers and emergency services

Sunday, 9am - 10am - Shopping hour for NHS workers, emergency services, elderly and vulnerable

General public shopping hours

Monday to Saturday, 8am - 8pm

Sunday, 8am - 4pm

How will priority shopping hours be enforced?

Booths said it will not be policing this or turning anyone away, it's simply an appeal to customers to help look after the community at this difficult time.

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Booths Cafe opening hours

The Fulwood store café will remain open as a takeaway service for NHS, police, fire services, army personnel and social care workers.

Its opening times are 7am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Discounts for health-care heroes and emergency services

- 15% discount on all food

- Half price hot drinks

- A free hot drink with purchase of a bacon or sausage roll (ask staff if you have any dietary requirements)

Between 12pm and 3pm, those eligible will be able to buy a ready meal from the fridges in store (15% off).

These meals will be heated up and popped in a takeaway box at the cafe counter.

Key workers just need to show their ID to staff.

Paying over the telephone

In order to support its most vulnerable customers, Booths are now offering to take payment over the telephone.

This will allow those who are sending friends, neighbours or relatives to shop for them to pay for the shopping remotely.

Customers should make their way to the clearly marked checkout in store, where an assistant will scan through the shopping then place a call for the shopping to be paid for over the phone.

There is a £100 spend limit in place on this service.

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What you can do to help staff and shoppers stay safe

A spokesman for Booths said: "We would like to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to all the front-line care providers for your hard work and dedication, we really appreciate you all.

"The health of our community, customers and colleagues is extremely important to us, so we're asking for a little help from you to keep everyone safe and fed.

"If you can do a few simple things for us when coming into your stores to ensure everyone’s safety."

This includes:

- Buying only what you need

• Using card or contactless payments where possible

• Keeping your distance from others in queues and whilst browsing the store

• Washing your hands regularly or using sanitiser and avoid touching your face

• Treating staff with kindness and respect