Here is how to aid weight loss by taking probiotics


This time of year, I get a lot of requests for assistance with weight loss, usually off the back of lots of fad diet and supplement adverts that appear on social media and the internet.

The truth is that there are a myriad of issues that affect weight gain including liver function, thyroid health, blood sugar control, exercise capability and dietary requirements.

I take a realistic approach to weight loss which involves developing healthy habits long term.

Weight loss that stays lost usually happens slowly and I emphasise the importance of steady and gradual change in anyone seeking to lose weight by getting healthier.

So what about all these quick fixes that everyone is talking about? Green tea, raspberry ketones, cider vinegar, acai berry, to name just a few. Are any of them real, safe or effective? Can you lose weight in two weeks or flatten your tummy in a fortnight?

Technically, the answer is yes, but it’s unlikely that these quick fixes work by burning fat.

Many remedies promising a super swift result are sold alongside a ‘colon cleanse’.

This sounds very detoxifying and it can feel very satisfying to empty your bowel a lot during the ‘cleanse’.

The truth is though, that cleanse and detox are just clever marketing terms for what is actually a laxative.

Putting a laxative alongside a ‘weight loss’ supplement guarantees rapid weight loss because believe it or not, poo is heavy.

If you’re constipated, this may not be a bad thing as regaining proper bowel function will have numerous health benefits, including a flatter tummy.

I have personally seen a lady lose 8lb in a single week during the lead up to her holiday, just by improving the health of her bowel.

Laxatives are a short term fix though and using them long term can cause problems.

So, if you are constipated, looking visibly slimmer in just a couple of weeks may be possible.

Drink lots of water, eat more fibre and consider taking a probiotic to promote regular bowel function.

Your local herbalist will be able to recommend a specific probiotic for constipation.

If your bowels are regular but your tummy is still looking bloated, consider whether or not it could be gas rather than fatty tissue.

Gas causes the abdomen to bloat out like a pregnant belly. Gas bellies tend to be flat in the morning, growing bigger throughout the day. Eating usually triggers the bloat with the worse culprits being bread and carbs.

If you’re used to undoing the button on your jeans after dinner, there’s a good chance that your blaming fat for a whole lot of hot air. If this sounds like you, then you can celebrate the fact that dropping a dress size may be much easier than you thought.

This gas is generally caused by too many unfriendly, fermenting bacteria living in your gut, causing the swollen belly look.

I use a remedy called Citricidal which is powerful enough to kill off the unfriendly bacteria in as little as two weeks.

Sugar can exacerbate this problem so during these two weeks, it’s important to eliminate all sugar from your diet.

Use a probiotic alongside the Citricidal to replenish the good bacteria that stop this problem occurring.

I regularly put people on a regime like this at this time of year because during the summer months we tend to drink more sweetened cold drinks, wine, beer or ice cream and fruit.

These sugary foods can cause a gassy disturbance that make people reach for the quick fixes in time for their holiday, party or just so they can feel comfortable again in their new summer dress.

If you’re not constipated and you don’t think your weight is worsened by gas, then unfortunately you’re unlikely to have any lasting success with a quick fix.

This can be disheartening while we’re in the middle of the summer months, but the news isn’t all bad. Once you make a serious commitment to getting healthier, you can drop the unhealthy, unsustainable fad diets. And then you can start making smaller, achievable, lasting changes toward a healthier, happier you.

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