Campaign stepped up to create a Heritage Centre in Chorley

Yarrow House, Chorley ''To go with Lightholler story
Yarrow House, Chorley ''To go with Lightholler story
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Last week the Guardian reported how Chorley history enthusiasts had unveiled a memorial to one of the town’s most famous families on the site of their old house.

The blue plaque on the gates of Albany Science College, on Bolton Road, marks the site of Yarrow House, home of the Lightoller family of mill owners, whose descendant Charles was a survivor of the Titanic shipwreck.

The plaque was unveiled by Charles’ grand-daughter Lady Louise Patten and funded by Chorley Civic Society.

Now Heritage Centre member David Horsfield has kindly contacted Flashback with some photos to show what Yarrow House used to look like.

One is a photo taken around 1900 when the Whittle family lived there. The other is a drawing done in the 1940s when the house stood empty, prior to its demolition

The erection of the plaque was a collaboration between Chorley Civic Society and the Chorley Heritage Support group.

The latter is a group working to establish a heritage centre in the town, which will be a resource for all those who wish to learn more of the town’s history and heritage.

A virtual heritage centre has been launched at, and work is now going on to try and find a town centre site where a real, drop-in centre can be established.

An open meeting is on September 28 in the library meeting room at 7.30pm.

For further information contact Mr Horsfield at or on 07763474799 or 07763149139.