Can you help put together a picture of the past for owner of historic home?

Flashback - Fox Lane
Flashback - Fox Lane
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A Leyland woman is appealing for help in finding information about her historic house.

Cathy Taylor, 40, moved into Fox Lane four years ago and instantly fell in love with her terraced home, which was built in 1847.

Now, she’s appealing for help in putting together a picture of its past.

Mum-of-two Cathy said: “There is a lot of interest in the old weavers’ cottages on Fox Lane, but to me, my little house is just as important.

“I’m trying to find out who lived there before me and more about the lifestyles of those that did.”

A picture dating from around the turn of the last century (right), shows Cathy’s home behind a tall young man on the right wearing a flat cap.

Also visible in the background in St Andrew’s Church.

Cathy said: “The census has helped me get information up to 1900, but any more photographs people might have of the street would be brilliant.

“I would also love to hear any interesting stories about Fox Lane. I remember when I first moved into the house and I went into the attic for the first time. I was hoping and praying there would be an old box full of photos, but it’s never that easy. I just wonder who else has fallen in love with that street and those houses.

“I know one lady lived in my house and didn’t have any children and outlived her husband so she left her house to her best friend next door.

“In Leyland library there is a lot of old photographs and I am talking to lots of people while doing this. I’ve met some lovely people along the way. I’m not originally from Leyland and I’m just starting to appreciate the actual history of this place.”

Can you help Cathy? Email or call 01257 264911.