Dad, can our next big day out be when it’s raining?

Dad, can our next big day out be when it's raining?
Dad, can our next big day out be when it's raining?
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The Burrows miss out on the indoor fun at Gulliver’s World, Warrington.


It’s an unavoidable truth when you’ve promised the kids a day out in England.

We get all three this side of the Penines and that side of the Gulf Stream, convectional, relief and frontal.

Which makes making promises hard.

Until last Saturday.

Prepared for the worst, we loaded up the towels and trunks and headed to 
Warrington, knowing if the heavens opened we muck about in Gulliver’s World’s Splash Zone.

Slides, cannons, climbing frames and suitably for even those who can’t swim. (£2 adults, £7 kids)

Not a bad fall back; one that became an unused substitute.

We actually had a bright clear day and headed into the park. (£15 or free for anyone under 90cm)

As it’s really aimed at the under 13s - there’s a lovely atmosphere, no sulking teens and no moody sweary kidults.

Having said that, my lad (11) only just got on the Wild Mine ride, before posturing and having three repeat goes to show off his new-found bravery.

And he didn’t go on the imposing wooden rollercoaster.

But he did love the new on-park Nerf Zone combat zone preview centre (free with entrance to the park).

Towers, shields and foam darts – what more do they want?

Well they’re getting it this summer – a new stand alone Nerf attraction will include indoor NERF blaster target ranges and a NERF combat zones.

But for her, a mite at just five, it was on-off all day, from Wrigglers to cars, planes and trains, Tree Top Swings and a flying pteranodon.

A safe day with lots of walks and climbing frames – next time we’ll wish for rain so we can go Splashing and blasting.