Earnshaw Drive days are fondly recalled

Dave Cuming is pictured on the third row back, third from the right
Dave Cuming is pictured on the third row back, third from the right
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This week Flashback features the school memories of Dave Cuming, who attended Earnshaw Bridge Infant School in Leyland.

Dave attended the school from 1958 to 1960.

He said: “One thing I do remember was falling flat on my face in the playground and having a ridiculously large dressing on my face.

“All the other kids took the mick out of me.

“Of course the dressing didn’t stay on very long.”

The teacher in the picture above right is Mrs Dixon, who Dave remembers fondly.

He said: “Mrs Dixon was a bit of a mother hen, she never shouted, always seemed calm.

“And I think she was the one who patched up my nose, albeit a bit over the top!

“We didn’t have school nurses then, so it was down to whoever could stand the sight of blood I think.”

During his school days, Dave lived with his family in Hillbrook Road on the Broadfield estate, about a mile away from the school.

He said: “I always remember having to walk to school.

“It took me about 15 minutes hail, rain, snow or blow.

“Very few people had cars then, so we never really missed them, not like today.

“We always had to go in the side entrance at the end of the school down the narrow pathway. It’s actually blocked off now.

“As you walked inside, there were cloakrooms to hang your soggy coats.

“Happy days.”

Dave left Earnshaw Bridge to attend Broadfield Junior School.

He went on to work for the charity Deafway and still lives in the Leyland area.

Earnshaw Bridge Infant School closed in 1999.