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Gone (Directed By: Heitor Dhalia – Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter - PG-13 – 1hr 34mins)

Jill Conway (Seyfried) believes she was able to escape her captor after a harrowing kidnapping.

She reports her ordeal to the local police. However, the authorities view her psychiatric record and believe it all took place in her head.

Can she prove them wrong or did she actually imagine the whole event?

Gone is a mystery thriller along the lines of Memento and the Bourne Trilogy. It is incredibly silly but provides some light popcorn entertainment.


Bad Ass (Directed by: Craig Modd – Starring: Danny Trejo, Ron Perlman – 18 – 1hr 30mins)

Vietnam veteran Frank Vega (Trejo) returns home and tries to settle back into society.

It isn’t until decades later he finds himself considered a war hero, but an incident with his best friend leaves him taking action against the police. Chaos ensues!

It’s formulaic but manages the mayhem with aplomb and provides some interesting thrills.

It’s an 18 certificate so it will particularly satisfy anyone keen on a violent action film!


Marley (Directed By: Kevin McDonalds – Starring: Bob Marley – PG-13 – 2hr 24mins)

This family-authorized documentary about reggae legend Bob Marley delivers on its promise of electrifying concert footage and interviews with the singer. At two and a half hours it provides an exhaustive look into the man behind the music.

It’s a fascinating film about one of the most notable men of the last 100 years. Marley delivers on what it promises and will intrigue fans young and old alike.