Guardian launches first Youtube video

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The Chorley and Leyland Guardian is 140 years old this year - and we’ve launched our first ever YouTube video.

It’s a 12-minute presentation of an after-dinner speech editor Chris Maguire gave at the recent Leyland Criket Club presentation night.

Player-of-the-season Luis Reece got more than he bargained for when he found himself as the star of a spoof competition.

The speech also includes a hilarious exchange between Maguire and Leyland veteran Sifton Prince - which ended with Prince grabbing the microphone.

Leyland’s first XI captain Dave Makinson said: “Having seen Chris bat I knew he must be good at something.

“I knew he’s had a few good-natured run-ins with Sifton Prince on the cricket field but I don’t think they were half as entertaining as what happened during his speech.”

Maguire said: “It’s a bit of fun. I’ve made a number of tongue-in-cheek references to local cricket personalities.

“It’s another way of spreading the word about the Chorley and Leyland Guardian.”

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