Heritage support groups need your help

Chorley Library
Chorley Library
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Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group members are planning their next display, at the library (pictured) in Union Street.

And they need readers’ help for the event, which will start with National Heritage Weekend”, September 6 to 9 and continue for the rest of the month.

The general theme of the display will be related to what has made Chorley what it is.

It will explore heritage and history based on the four areas of cotton, coal, canals and farming, which have all been instrumental in the development of the town over the past 300 years.

The group has collected items for display from personal collections, and donations of photographs. Many show various aspects related to the four industries.

The group now needs artifacts and items of memorabilia, and is asking the people to delve into their attics, old boxes, sheds, and garages, to see if they have any items related to cotton, coal, canals, and farming, applicable to Chorley only, which they would be prepared to offer on loan for display.

The group promises that any items lent for the display will be secure in the library, and recorded as to ownership, for return after display, by the group’s archivists.

If you can help, contact the group’s secretary on 01257 263245