‘I remember strict riding teacher’

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A reader spotted her old, and very strict, horse riding trainer in Retro a few weeks ago.

Diane Norris used to be part of the Holcombe Hunt Pony Club, and the team turned to a professional teacher in Chorley when big competitions were looming.

She remembers the man on the left of the photo as being called Captain Slarsvick, a Polish man, but we’re not sure how to spell his name.

“I knew him in the mid 1950s,” she said. “He had a riding school behind the Pines Hotel, and he trained us for events.

“We always did well at the championships after going to him, and we took part in jumping and cross country.”

Diane believes he came to England during the war, and described him as being ‘very strict, but a nice enough chap.’

Diane, who’s now 71, went on to teach riding herself, but isn’t involved in it anymore.