Jo gets school photo

At last: Canterbury 5 Alpha group
At last: Canterbury 5 Alpha group

Joanne Copeland is a very happy woman after an appeal in last week’s Flashback struck gold.

That’s the question being posed to Guardian readers by Euxton amateur historian Ian Bagshaw.

Ian, of Queensway, has an old postcard of Chorley Town Hall taken during a bazaar, and is wondering if anyone can tell him more about the occasion and what it was for.

Ian, 66, said: “I know of two large bazaars, one to raise funds for the new hospital in 1930, and one to raise funds to help Chorley Football Club build a new stand after the fire in 1945.

“Perhaps some reader can remember seeing the windmill as a child and can identify when it was taken.”

The postcard also has a note written on the back, addressed to a lady called Lizie and describing some of the preparations for the event at the town hall.

The note reads: “Dear Lizie, This is a photo of the bazzar, you will see a little of the decorations and the frills are Mrs Eyres and mine.

“We have only about £150 to raise to make our thousand up, we have done exceedingly well so far, and have a lot of stuff left yet, the room looks very well and so does the dresses, I will write again soon, it is nearly twelve o’clock good night”

The postcard is part of Ian’s huge collection of Chorley photographs and memorabilia, which he is in the process of digitising to be displayed on the new Chorley Heritage Centre website.

If you have any information about the postcard, contact Ian on 01257 277132.