John prepares to meet sister he hasn’t seen in half a century

John Moore and his wife Sharon from Coppull
John Moore and his wife Sharon from Coppull

A Chorley dad is preparing to meet the sister he has never seen in nearly half a century.

John Moore, now 48, of Coppull, and his sister Gina Adams, 47, were put into care homes as children before being adopted by different families.

However the father-of-three discovered his sister was living in London and after communicating through emails and letters they’re due to meet each other later this month in Croston.

Mr Moore, who volunteers as a steward at Chorley Football Club and works as a forklift truck driver, said: “I’m incredibly nervous. It isn’t like tracking down an old schoolfriend or someone you haven’t seen for 10 years.”

He first found out about his sister 12 years ago while he was trying to trace his parents, and has been looking for her ever since.

A long and difficult search was leading nowhere until a short paragraph on a family tracing website gave him hope.

“It was like hitting a brick wall,” says Mr Moore, who is married to Sharon. “Both our surnames had been changed and Gina’s first name was changed too, so what records we had weren’t enough.”

He trawled through countless birth records before a friend with an interest in genealogy offered to help and a placed a short description of him on a website.

By chance his sister was also carrying out a family search and stumbled across the advert and responded with the message: “I think I’m your sister.”

It turned out that the pair were both born on June 26 - although 12 months apart.

Over the next three years, the siblings were in constant contact by email to cross-check their histories before building up the courage to meet each other.

“We didn’t want to talk over the phone,” explained Mr Moore.

“You hear about these things where the people find out they weren’t related after all. We wanted to be absolutely sure.”

However their cases matched exactly and they’re planning for their emotional meeting.

His sister also has a letter from their biological mother, posted from the USA, telling her about her brother.

The pair admit they’ve still got a lot of gaps about their early years to fill in.

Mr Moore said: “I went into a children’s home when I was one before being adopted and moved to Chorley, where I’ve lived ever since.

“Gina was adopted when she was six-weeks-old. We don’t really know the reasons why but we’re trying to find out if we’ve got more family out there.”