Lancashire nostalgia in 1982: Guild Hall woes, worst driver and truth about sex sprays

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1982:

Preston’s Guild Hall set for shake-up

Far-reaching changes at Preston’s Guild Hall are almost certain; following a secret report into the running of the multi-million pound entertainment complex on Lancaster Road.

Investigators from the personnel department of Preston council - which owns and runs the huge set-up - have spent six months examining every aspect of the Hall’s management.

Now they have come up with a 60-page document to be discussed by councillors meeting in private.

While it is through unlikely that there will be any redundancies, significant upheavals in operations are expected.

Many councillors have long been worried that the Guild Hall is a commercial entertainment undertaking run on local government lines - and that the two do not always gel.

The inquiry has been undertaken jointly with senior Hall staff and it not viewed as a witch hunt. It is seen as a wide-ranging look at a major council asset after 10 years in operation.

Ironically, the report comes in the week that the Hall’s own entertainment promotions have reported a profit.

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Eddie is on a drive to overturn failures who just can’t pass

Eddie Feeney did not expect much response to his driving competition with a difference.

He thought it was a title no-one would want... the worst driver in town.

But the offer has proved too good to refuse.

For Eddie, manager of the UK driving school, Preston, also guaranteed success behind the wheel.

And he’s even offered to provide as many lessons as it takes... free of charge.

He was busy sifting through a flood of entries from total failures admitting: “Frankly I didn’t expect it.

“After all it takes a lot of courage to admit that you are the worst driver in town.

“But we’ll keep our end of the bargain.”

Eddie, 41, added: “Ideally we want someone who has failed the test several times and given up all hope. We don’t care how long it takes or how much it costs. In the end we will get them through.

“So far there are 40 contenders - about 80 per cent of them women.”

But Mr Feeney does not think that most of the entrants are women because they are worse drivers.

“It’s just that women are prepared to put their hand up and admit that they are not good drivers - men aren’t” he said.

Sorry truth about sex shop sprays revealed

Sex shops creams and sprays aren’t all they’re made out to be.

Claims that some of them enhance the amorous experience and, more specifically, make it last longer, are hotly disputed by Lancashire boffins.

They say some preparations have no ingredients which will do any such thing. And, even though some have more than 10 times the official levels of regulated chemical substances, the analysts say they are not at all dangerous.

Said county analyst Alec Bushnell: “The only difference most of these things would make would be to change the colour of the area affected.”

The county council scientists investigated the sex aids - the first such inquiry in Lancashire - under pharmaceutical legislation. And the results are to be published in the analyst’s report.

The department also tested more than 7,000 more mainstream samples over the 12 months covered in the report - and produced a horrifying menu.

On it were loaves of bread crawling with insects, a strawberry tart’s l’excrement de mouse, and dried figs in a sauce of 15,000 fruit mites.