Luxurious Lake District boutique hotel left wife pining for a much longer stay

The WaterHead Hotel is on the edge of Lake Windermere in Ambleside
The WaterHead Hotel is on the edge of Lake Windermere in Ambleside
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Craig Salmon samples the delights of the Waterhead Boutique Hotel and Bistro In Ambleside

As she surveyed our plushexecutive suite of the Waterhead Boutique Hotel and Dining, my wife Samantha flashed a devilish smile.

‘Do you think we’ll be able to claim squatter’s rights?’, she laughed as she twirled her hair in the huge mirror adorning the wall.

Samantha may have been joking about out-staying her welcome in the Lake District but her cheeky question perfectly illustrated just how luxurious and stylish the accommodation afforded to us for our stay was.

Even the chic and contemporary decor had her imagining what she could do with her own bedroom back home.

‘Do you think we can get our room looking like this?’ she inquired.

If the room was giving my wife visions of grand designs, she was in no hurry to return home and put her ideas to the test due to the friendly hospitality of our hosts and the classy feel to the Ambleside establishment .

Supremely-located just a stone’s throw away from Lake Windermere, the hotel offers a relaxing retreat in modern surroundings.

If the sun’s out, guests can take advantage of the grassy bar terrace or retreat inside, if its a little cooler, to the conservatory where the meandering bar is. I enjoyed a few refreshing pints of Magners, while the wife indulged in a vodka, lime and lemonade

We were fortunate that our room had a lakeside view on the first floor of the hotel and what a view it was.

The lake seemed to stretch for miles with the tree top covered fells in the background.

I must admit that I have not been a frequent visitor to the Lakes in the past and so I was pleasantly surprised by the uncommercialised beauty of the Waterhead’s location.

It’s amazing to think what is on our doorsetp just a short car ride away.

After helping ourselves to the delightful breakfast where we tucked into bacon, fried egg, sausages, tomatoes and beans with toast, we decided to head out over to the lake where we caught a cruiser over to the nearby town of Bowness.

Although the sky was overcast and it was decidedly chilly, there was something alluring about the foggy grey clouds which seemed to engulf the sprawling lake.

After evading the ducks and geese as we disembarked, we enjoyed a relaxing stroll around the shops as well as a few refreshment stops at some pubs along the way where I indulged in my favoured real ales.

It was soon time to return to the hotel and after a quick change in our room, we headed down to the dining room for our evening meal.

Samantha had already spotted a fellow guest tucking into the Waterhead mini burgers and so plumped for that.

Sandwiched between three quaint little buns, the burger were made up of three different meats – one beef, one chicken and the other was pulled pork.

It was accompanied by some chunky chips, in a little silver holder, and coleslaw.

I was tempted to go for the imposing Waterhead mixed grill, but eventually decided to try the 12oz ribeye steak.

Cooked to my liking which is medium, I also took advantage of two side orders of chunky chips and tempura vegetables and a peppercorn sauce.

With neither of us having too much of a sweet tooth, we both ordered the international cheese board for dessert.

There is very little to fault the Waterhead.

There is no on site spa or swimming pool, although guests can take advantage of the facilities at nearby sister hotel Low Wood Bay, which is only shortcar ride away.

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