Meet the Knights of Camelot

Camelot Knight Joseph Dearden
Camelot Knight Joseph Dearden

A group of Chorley and Leyland youngsters have been awarded a very special privilege and attended Camelot Theme Park’s Knight School.

The honorary knights were chosen to receive a behind the scenes look at what being a knight is all about.

Earlier this month pupils of Camelot’s Knight School learnt the tricks of the trade, including the art of foot combat, preparing the horses for battle and juggling with Jess the jester.

Chosen by King Arthur the knights were selected for their courage and quick wit showing they could be the future knights of Camelot’s Round Table.

The Chorley knights included Paul Garlick (12), Lewis Wilding (eight), Joseph Dearden (seven), Louis Greenbank (seven), Marc Dubois (10) and Max Greenhalgh (six) and little Tom Ford, (six) from Leyland.

The youngsters were selected from a search across the North West to attend Camelot’s Knight School.

The search sought to educate and entertain children about Camelot’s history and divulge some of the secrets and skills of its famous jousting tournament.

Camelot Theme Park marketing manager, Sandra Dempsey, said: “The children had a fantastic day and learnt the secret ways of the Camelot Knights. Everyone loves the jousting tournament.”

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