Memories of fun and capers for local Scout and Guide groups

Always changing: Rosemary Grime remembers a picture of the Chorley Capers in 1981 - because she was in it!
Always changing: Rosemary Grime remembers a picture of the Chorley Capers in 1981 - because she was in it!

A picture dating back three decades has sparked a treasure trove of memories for one Chorley woman.

The Guardian’s Flashback page featured a story about the Chorley Capers, who were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the group, which started in 1981.

Chorley Capers brings together more than 50 people, aged between eight and 60, from local Scout and Guide associations to perform on stage.

The group meets up every other year and one of the producers, Emma Hardacre, managed to get a photograph of the first-ever Capers display back in 1981 to coincide with a show she was staging at St Michael’s High School.

Rosemary Grime contacted the Guardian, as she was one of those featured in the 1981 photograph, which included her daughters Fiona and Aislinn, who were then nine and seven.

Rosemary first decided to get involved while her son was in the Cubs.

Back in 1981 she was a helper at the Scouts and now she is leader of the Cub Scouts at St Mary’s Parish Centre. She said the Chorley Capers put on four shows in March.

To take part, you have to be in groups such as the Guides and Scouts. Rosemary said: “Things have changed and evolved since then, some just in name – like cook badge to chef badge, and some have been scrapped – like the fishing badge.

“It keeps me busy, and it is still is quite prominent today as it was back then, lots of towns still have them, like Blackpool for example.

“An IT badge has been brought in to teach the children internet safety, which basically tells them not to give out any personal information online that can be used maliciously.

“Some of St Mary’s Cubs did really well last month and gained their chef badge. This week, we are working towards our road safety badge, teaching the different ways of crossing the road – which can be a real danger.There are many other badges we do, including cycling, swimming, and communicator as well as various challenges to develop our youngsters.”

For more information on the Cub Scouts, call the parish office on 01257 262537, or for Chorley Capers visit: