Photos were left at house 26 years ago

Do you know these people?
Do you know these people?

Mystery surrounds two photographs which were left at a reader’s house more than two decades ago.

Winifred Bradshaw, 66, from Gillibrand Street, found these pictures in an envelope at her front door 26 years ago, but has no idea who the people are or where they’ve come from.

Do you know these people?

Do you know these people?

She said: “They were in a blank envelope so I couldn’t return them to anyone, and they’d just been dropped off at my house when I was out one day. “I’d only been living at that house for about 18 months at the time, so I assumed they may be intended for the people who lived there before me.

“But I bumped into the previous owner a while later and showed her the photos, and she didn’t have a clue where they came from either.”

Winifred put the photos in a ‘safe’ place - inside an art book - and they dropped on to the floor a few weeks ago when she was moving the book shelf.

“I just thought it would be worth putting them in the paper,” she said. “I found them again and thought I must do something about this.

“I know it’s a while ago so I may have left it too late, but I just wondered if anyone knows anything about the pictures.

“I don’t need to keep them, so if we can find the owners or relatives of the people in the pictures, they can have them.”

If you have any information about the photos, please call Kay Taylor at the Guardian on 01257 264911.