Preston's Wedge Pizza Company launches next door to Baluga Bar and Kitchen

A full 16 inch pizza on a perfect crisp thin base will set you back 15.
A full 16 inch pizza on a perfect crisp thin base will set you back 15.

Baluga Bar and Club opened it’s exciting new kitchen to the Wedge Pizza Company only last week and already the pizzeria is causing a bit of buzz.

With an American Deli approach similar to that of gourmet pizza takeway outlet American Pizza Slice, the Wedge Pizza Company is ideally placed in the city centre for lunchtime diner or the late night hungry revellers.

Officially rated the world’s most popular food, people can be choosy when it comes to the perfect slice of fast food.

A good pizza can almost be a work of art, a thing of beauty and something we just can’t get enough of.

A fan of the simplicity of the American Pizza Slice, I was keen to give the ‘classics’ of Preston’s new similar venture a go.

A slice and a fairly large one at that will set you back between £3.50 and £4 .

Wedgey Hot from Wedge Pizza Company

Wedgey Hot from Wedge Pizza Company

To cut down on waiting times - and to help it stand out against its rivals - this gourmet menu is small and simple .

The team describe it as 'the simple stuff, but it’s important stuff ,unique to Wedge Pizza Co.'

From the tastiest, stretchiest mozzarella, to the ripest and sweetest Italian tomatoes and the finest, freshest, toppings.

A full 16 inch pizza on a perfect crisp thin base will set you back £15.

The total bill on this occasion for a Wedgey Hot (requested minus the chillies) which was topped with mozzarella, cheddar, wedge pizza sauce, peppers, mushrooms, and red onion and a Norf End with mozzarella, cheddar, wedge pizza sauce, beef, pepperoni, chorizo, chicken, onion and peppers was £30.

As pointed out this is similar to what you pay for one of the bigger well known pizza house chains, however, this pizza is more authentic, prepared and baked as would be in a traditional pizzeria.

Also on the menu is the Triple C - with chorizo, roquito chillies and chicken - a Jean Claude Van Dam with parma ham, pesto, sun blushed tomato and rocket; a classic pepperoni and a straight wedge more commonly known as a margherita for those who like their pizza no frills.

There is no denying this is good pizza.

The flavours and crust were spot on and it was served up straight from the pizza oven.

I made the order over the phone, the staff were helpful, really polite and after explaining it would be about half an hour before I could collect, they had timed the preparation almost to the minute.

The staff member said deliveries would be starting soon via Just Eat and Uber Deliveries and I think it will be a very welcome addition.