Restaurant review - Duk, Preston

Eating Out review pictures.'DUK restaurant at No. 16 Lancaster Road, Preston.
Eating Out review pictures.'DUK restaurant at No. 16 Lancaster Road, Preston.
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Kay Taylor and the Motown crew had a fantastic night at duk in the big city

We’d all been looking forward to our ‘Sound of the 70s’ night for months, and it was certainly a night to remember.

After my boyfriend and I (let’s call him Smokey and me Mrs Robinson) bought tickets for a Motown show at Preston’s Guild Hall for his parents (Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) it’s all we’ve been talking about since Christmas.

So it was only fitting to make a fun-filled night of it and go for a slap-up meal before the ‘How Sweet It Is’ performance started.

Marvin and Tammi don’t tend to venture into Preston very often, but Smokey and I knew of a lovely hideout called Duk, which is situated close to the Guild Hall on Lancaster Road, and was the perfect choice for something extra special.

It’s an underground tapas restaurant, with a sort of Moroccan feel in decor and food options, and has a very cosy atmosphere.

The cellar was bustling on the Saturday night we visited, and the owners also have another eatery called Pond in the centre of Preston, which is a bit bigger.

But it’s the food which really makes the restaurants stand out, and we were all amazed at how delicious everything was.

There must be hundreds of mini dishes to choose from, including chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, vegetarian, pork and more.

There’s even a full section dedicated to one of my favourite foods - chorizo - so it was always bound to be a winner for me.

Me and Smokey decided to have five dishes to share, but were so spoilt for choice, we ended up with six, and all were exceptional.

The highlights for me were the chicken strips in raspberry sauce, and a whole cooked cinnamon apple stuffed with black pudding.

The combination of meat and fruit is quite popular at Duk, and although they sound unusual on the menu, the meals are great.

It’s also reassuring knowing that you’re paying for complex dishes which would be near on impossible to prepare at home.

We also enjoyed our apricot chilli pate, apricot lime mushrooms, goat cheese potatoes, and chorizo with maple syrup.

The exciting thing about tapas is that you can create your own personal combinations on the plate, taking bits from a variety of very different foods to make something completely unique.

Another nice surprise was the portion sizes. Tapas tends to involve a small sample of each course, but at Duk and Pond, there’s more than enough to share, and we were all as stuffed as the cinnamon apple when we were finished.

Marvin and Tammi were as equally impressed, and really embraced the whole tapas concept of sharing and trying new things.

They had the same mushrooms as we did, as well as garlic bread with feta cheese and caramelised onions, lemon and chilli potatoes, sticky chicken, and honey pork.

Most of the courses are quite expensive, with our chorizo coming in at £7.20, and the black pudding apple at £7, but the quality is so brilliant, it’s worth the treat.

Others are more affordable, such as the mushrooms, which were £4.50, and the potatoes, which cost £4.

Our food bill came to just over £61, while a round of eight drinks bumped the total up to £87.

There was nothing left on any of the plates or dishes, and Marvin even suggested it would be ideal to have some bread to mop up all the juices with afterwards.

But I think that would have really sent us over the edge, and we wouldn’t have had enough energy to sing and dance along to the Jacksons, Temptations or Four Tops an hour later.