Restaurant Review - Rose and Crown, Farington

Rose and Crown
Rose and Crown

You can’t turn your nose up at a £3 curry, says reviewer Kay Taylor

When my hairdresser told me about a pub curry night in Leyland that can offer a meal for just £3, I must admit I was a bit sceptical.

I really enjoy curries from Indian restaurants and takeaways, and I don’t think you can really compare the quality to the type you get at a pub.

But, I was told, these are all home-made and really worth giving a try, and for less than £5 for food and a drink, I agreed it was worth a shot.

And now I know what all the fuss was about.

Thursday nights at the Rose and Crown on Stanifield Lane, Farington, are the highlight of some people’s week, as regulars look forward to their weekly dose of good food and banter.

I took my friend Kim along for the test, and we each fancied something different.

I - in my experimental frame of mind - decided to go for an out-of-character Chinese hot chicken curry with rice and chips, costing £2.50.

A naan bread bumped it up to £3.

Kim went for the chicken tikka masala with just chips and naan bread, which came to the same amount.

As soon as I tucked in, I knew I’d made a good call.

It did pack a good punch, but was also very tasty and the sauce was lovely and thick - good for dipping.

The chicken was moist and the rice was fine, but the chips were the star of the show in my eyes.

I normally love fluffy pub chips, but these ones were double fried in a chip pan, and were super tasty and crispy.

Kim looked like she’d licked the plate clean by the time she’d mopped up her sauce with the naan bread, and she too was very impressed with the quality.

The meals weren’t the same as you would get in an authentic Indian restaurant, but it didn’t matter, because they topped the chart in the hearty pub grub stakes.

Also on offer was a steak jalfrezi, which I’d be tempted to try next time, and a couple of pies for those in the mood for something closer to home.

There was meat and potato, and steak, also coming in at just £2.50.

Puddings were also on the menu for £1.50 each, but Kim and I were far too full to try them.

Right on cue though, my hairdresser walked in, and assured me she would try one on my behalf, and text me her verdict.

She and her husband had pineapple upside-down cake with custard, while their daughter enjoyed a chocolate fudge cake.

All of which, I’m told, are also home-made and delicious, and it’s easy to see why the Rose and Crown has such a loyal following.

It may have just converted a couple of new members.