Restaurant review - The Dressers Arms, Wheelton

The Dressers Arms in Wheelton
The Dressers Arms in Wheelton

Cupid fires his arrow and Natalie Banks falls in love with the Dressers Arms

It’s official! Romance is well and truly dead in the Guardian office.

The mere thought of forking out for a card, or dare I even push my luck and mention a dozen roses, was enough to send shudders down the spines of the men at Chorley HQ.

Luckily for me, my fiance has yet to be brainwashed by their theories, and so with Valentine’s Day just around the corner he decided to treat me to a nice meal out.

The Dressers Arms, in Wheelton, has always come very highly rated - particularly by one regular reader who always insists that I visit for a review.

So, when I pulled up in the large car park on a bleak Wednesday night, I wasn’t at all surprised to see it so full.

I’d arranged to meet my date for the night inside, and when I ventured in through the low front door I could hear a bustle of happy customers chatting about their day.

One had passed her driving test, another was heading on holiday and a third was contemplating what to have from the menu - an omelette perhaps?

It was only 5.30pm, but there was already a good mix of people inside and as I took my seat more and more people continued to come through the door.

When my 6ft 4in fiance arrived, having also navigated the low doorway, we got stuck in to the nitty gritty of the night - choosing our food. After all - the way to both our hearts is definitely through our stomachs!

It helped that the Dressers has a different theme almost every night - pies, curries, roasts - you name it they do them all, and do them well.

As it was steak night we opted for two ‘mouth-watering’ rib-eye steaks, cooked to our liking, and served with mushrooms, tomatoes and onion rings.

The steak was also served with the tastiest, fat cut chips and a bottle of quality wine.

The grand total for our over indulgence - an incredibly reasonable, and almost too good to be true, £11.95!

As we were both driving, we decided that we wouldn’t need the free bottle of wine that was offered with the steaks after all, but the very friendly landlord insisted that we took it home to enjoy afterwards. Bonus!

In fact every member of staff at The Dressers couldn’t have been more helpful. We were served with a big smile, helped with our order and asked if we had enjoyed the meal. They couldn’t have been more accommodating.

And the food was first class too.

The steak was delicious and cooked exactly how I’d asked it to be - medium to well done and, as I said, the chips were also extremely tasty.

There was also a good helping of mushrooms, onion rings and a tomato and the wine would have washed it down perfectly. In the end we had to make do with a couple of Diet Cokes though.

The Dressers doesn’t pretend to offer fine dining, it offers real, delicious food, cooked and served by top staff and offered at fantastic prices.

The historic pub itself is also a delight to enjoy with its cosy rooms, large bar area and even outdoor space to enjoy in the summer.

And with our grand total for the night coming in at less than £18 - even the tightest of Valentine’s couldn’t refuse a visit.