Restaurant review - The Elephant, Euxton

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Kay Taylor couldn’t keep quiet about the strange smelling Elephant in the room.

I experienced a few ‘firsts’ whilst dining out at The Elephant Indian restaurant in Euxton.

I paid more than £1 for a popadom; I sent food back to the kitchen; and I refused to pay for my meal.

Being a Brit, I never kick up a fuss or complain about meals at restaurants, even if I’m not completely satisfied, but I’m normally happy enough to eat it all and pay full price.

Everything was going well until the main meals arrived.

I’d actually been really surprised at the amount of options available, and was spoilt for choice between the ginger and lemon chicken and the chicken Kashmiri in a mild peach and banana sauce, rice sold separately.

I opted for the Kashmiri, but I couldn’t really tell if it was any good or not, because the smell of the boiled rice was so overpowering.

I know rice doesn’t normally smell, which is why it took me by surprise so much, but it honestly smelt awful and seemed to spread to my fork, on my plate, and in the dish it was served in.

I mentioned it to a member of staff, and he took it away.

When he returned from the kitchen, he brought with him a plate of pilau rice instead, apologising for the situation, saying ‘there was a problem with the boiled rice, because of the pan it was cooked in.

He dealt with the complaint really well to be fair, which I suppose should have been enough to satisfy me, but the whole experience had put me off the entire meal.

I did taste the chicken and peach slices (no sign of any banana) for the sake of this review, and it was fine with the new pilau rice, but not good enough to make me want to eat it all.

So I asked the staff to refund that meal and a drink which we’d been charged for without even ordering, and they obliged.

The evening still came to just under £40 though, including drinks. We’d had four popadoms between us, at £1.10 each, including the chutney tray, and they were actually pretty good.

Then we shared a starter platter of onion bhajis, pakoras, prawn puri, and some other bits, which were also good, and that came in at around £10.

My other half had a meat special with hot sauce at roughly £13, and although he enjoyed it, the ‘pan’ incident put him off his meal too.

And so we left, fairly full, £40 out of pocket, and with the memory of an unusual Saturday night at a restaurant we most certainly will never return to The Elephant in Euxton.


Name: The Elephant

Address: Dawber’s Lane, Euxton

Cuisine: Indian cuisine with a difference

Rating 4/10