Restaurant review - The Sangam, Lostock Hall

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Kay Taylor wondered how the Sangam’s staff would cope with a party of 20

An excitable crowd of 20, meeting at the pub for pre-meal drinks, then on to the Sangam for an Indian feast.

That was the scene in Lostock Hall last Saturday night, and although I’ve been to the restaurant above the opticians countless times before, this was different.

It was the father-in-law’s 50th, a very special occasion, and it was important that everybody had a great time. After all, he was footing the bill, and he’s not exactly known for being frivolous with his cash.

So friends and family, ranging from age 20 to 79, sat down in the cosy restaurant and started browsing the menu.

Before we knew it, popadoms and chutneys were in front of us, and large jugs of red, white and rose wine were placed on the table.

So we tucked into those, whilst having the compulsary discussion of “What are you having?” and comparing people’s choices.

Some people had starters and shared them around the group, which was a great talking-point, and they were all delicious.

For my main course, I opted for a Chicken Tikka Balti Jalpuree, which is an unusual spicy dish cooked with kidney beans.

The rating on the menu said it was medium/hot, but I asked them to scrap the ‘hot’, and it came out at just the right strength for me. Super tasty, with a little spicy kick.

Everyone ordered a good mix of different curries, and all 20 came out of the kitchen within five minutes, with no mistakes!

It wasn’t long before the murmers of ‘Mmmmmm’ raised back to conversation, but it was obvious that we were all impressed with the food.

I was confident that the night would be a success, based on my previous experiences at the Sangam, but because we all ordered different meals, I didn’t expect the food to be as top-quality as normal. Amazingly though, everyone was raving about how excellent everything was.

There were a couple of cop-outs who ordered English scampi and steak, but they seemed happy with their choices too, which I think is a good sign that the chef puts a lot of effort into all of the meals.

The wine flowed, the speeches went on and on (one dedicated to the staff, who received a raptuous applause), and we had a great laugh.

The chef actaully came into the restaurant towards the end of the evening and looked proud as punch with our flattering comments, and so he should.

To get all of those complicated meals out at the same time, without a single error and with everything tasting so fab, is no mean feat.

We actually took up half of the room, and the restaurant had emptied by the time we got our meals, so it felt like our own private party.

We were even given a whole complimentary bottle of Irish cream liquer at the end of the meal, instead of the usual shot glasses, and a full box of After Eight chocolate mints.

Sneaky Grandma Prescott actually hid some in her purse to enjoy on the journey back to Leyland, (£10 with Lostock Hall Taxis, after midnight, with three drop-offs.)

All in all it was the perfect way to celebrate the milestone birthday, and because I can’t fault the service or the food one bit, it’s got to be a 10 out of 10 from me.

And I’m sure the rest of the party would agree.

Factfile -

Name: Sangam Restaurant and Takeaway

Address: 12A Hope Terrace, Lostock Hall

Cuisine: Indian, with some English options

Telephone: 01772 628 616

Disabled access: No, as it’s situated on the first floor, with no lift

Rating: 10/10