Review - Dressers Arms, Wheelton

Dressers Arms, Wheelton
Dressers Arms, Wheelton
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Robert Kelly had to think quickly when all of his choices of restaurants were closed.

For the past five years I have been searching for the best places to enjoy a meal in Chorley and Leyland.

There have been many highlights and some disappointments in that time but my latest hunt was even more challenging than ever.

After a long day at work and nursery my wife, son and I just wanted to get a quick meal instead of opting for takeaway.

We started to think about the places that I have not covered in the past six months so we went to the villages of Wheelton.

Our first choice was the Red Cat off Blackburn Road as I can remember one of my former colleagues enjoying sizzling steak even though it may not be ideal for my vegetarian wife.

However I do recall that there were lots of options for vegetarians.

We pulled up outside on the Tuesday night and were shocked to see all the doors locked and lights off.

We were still unsure of whether it was closed or not but with a crying baby in the back I did not waste time in trying to come up with more solutions.

I decided to drive further along the Wheelton road towards Carolyn’s home of Blackburn.

Then we saw the Dressers Arms on the corner and I remembered there was also the Little Hong Kong beside it.

I thought that we could try there but I felt like we were Mary and Joseph in the bible...yeah you guessed it Tuesday night and Chinese restaurants are closed.

Anyway it was getting late so we decided to go inside the Dressers Arms.

We saw that there was a pub quiz on a Tuesday but luckily there was still room at the inn for food.

When we entered I was amazed that the owners had kept the rural feel with its low beamed ceilings and small rooms. It gave you a very cozy feeling where you can imagine locals would sit and talk about their days’ dilemmas.

With a loud baby we tried to pick out a secluded seat where we could ensure no-one was treated to flying food!

We sat down and looked at the options on the menu.

For the first time in my history at the Guardian I decided not to go for a starter despite being tempted by the garlic mushrooms.

Wife Carolyn told me that if we were not full by the main courses that we would go for a dessert so I was not going to complain.

I opted for the ribeye steak which came with the usual favourites of mushrooms, grilled tomato, salad and chips.

Meanwhile Carolyn chose the scampi with chips and Eoin had a bit of everything as usual.

When it arrived, it was a well-proportioned plate and looked like a good home cooked meal.

Unfortunately the steak had still a lot of fat on it and made it difficult to chew.

Eoin enjoyed the homemade chips which Carolyn believed were cooked in goose fat, which was not to her taste, although she enjoyed the scampi.

After the main courses it was getting late so we with a baby in tow, we didn’t have the chance to opt for a dessert.

The Dressers Arms boast lots of charm and character and is well worth a second look.

I think we will be back some day in the future.

Factfile -

Name: The Dressers Arms

Address: Briers Brow, Wheelton

Telephone: 01254 830041

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 11am- 12.30am, Sunday, 11am- Midnight

Food is served noon-9pm Monday to Saturday and noon-8pm on Sunday

Wheelchair access: There is a ramp to the building