Scone in 60 seconds? Lancastrians have their say on the great British cream tea debate

Mel Giedroyc is backing Marie Curie's Blooming Great Tea Party
Mel Giedroyc is backing Marie Curie's Blooming Great Tea Party

Arguments have long raged about the best way to enjoy a cream tea - do you put jam on your scone first, or cream?

Now a new survey has revealed that folk across the county think cream teas are better the Cornish way - with the jam going on first, followed by the cream.

The findings released by Marie Curie ahead of their Blooming Great Tea Party fund-raising drive - show three-quarters of Lancastrians go with jam first.

The survey also fuelled the national furore over how to pronounce the word 'scone'. Nationally, more than half of respondents (56 per cent) said it should rhyme with “stone” while a sizeable minority (44 per cent) argued that it should in fact rhyme with “gone”. IN contrast the national picture, the majority of people from Lancashire (54 per cent) are firm in their belief that scone should in fact rhyme with “gone”.

Respondents were also asked to rate their favourite regional bake. Eccles Cake topped the popularity poll for people in Lancashire, with 23 per cent saying it was their favourite, swiftly followed by Scottish shortbread, with 22 per cent claiming it was their go-to regional treat.

Shockingly, the survey surfaced a darker truth about the (dis)honesty of bakers. More than 40 per cent of us admit to having passed off a shop bought treat as our own. In terms of who is more honest it seems that, these days, men are faking it more than women as they are more likely to overstate their skills in the kitchen.

The charity commissioned the survey to support its Blooming Great Tea Party fundraiser, which is being supported by Mel Giedroyc. The fundraising campaign appeals for people to throw a tea party, cake sale or coffee morning and raise money to support people living with a terminal illness and their loved ones.

Mel said: “I have a branch of the family which is Devonian and they're close to me so I'll have to go the Devonian way, jam then cream – no wait!

“I’ve been throwing tea parties for Marie Curie now for seven years. I love it. Some years are bigger than others but no matter how you do it, it’s a fun way to raise some vital funds for people with terminal illnesses. And when it comes to whether you bake your own or fake it, well friends, let's all fake it. You've got to slip some faked baked items under the radar along with some cracking homemade ones. Keep people guessing. Mix up the fake with the real.”

This June, Marie Curie - the UK’s leading charity for people with any terminal illness - is calling on people across the country to throw a Blooming Great Tea Party for friends, family and colleagues.

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If you are in need of support, or have any questions about any aspect of terminal illness, call the Marie Curie Information & Support Line free on 0800 090 2309 or visit