Spooky guest haunts former police station

PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS       'Co-Owner Liam Campbell at Coppers Tea Rooms in the old Leyland Police Sation
PHOTO. KEVIN McGUINNESS 'Co-Owner Liam Campbell at Coppers Tea Rooms in the old Leyland Police Sation

A Former police station in Leyland has been transformed into a new cafe, but it’s experiencing some unwelcome visitors!

The station, on Golden Hill Lane, is now Coppers Tea Rooms and offers tea and cakes as well as a chance to see old Victorian features of the building and the former cells.

But there are rumours the building, built in 1882, is home to the ghost of a former police inspector.

The unusual venture has been launched by the Campbell family, who also rent the office space upstairs for their commercial vehicle marketing company.

Dad Tim said: “We have had the building for 11 years now and we had two rooms downstairs we weren’t using. “My daughter is going into catering and wanted to eventually have her own place so we have done it as a family business.

“We have got a room at the back where the staircase to it has been taken away. You can only get to it though the rafters and it’s all sealed up.

“There is a ghost that haunts the building.”

Tim, along with wife Pam, son Liam and daughter Jessica, has opened up two of the old cells to visitors and have created three tea rooms in a Victorian style.

Tim said: “We know an inspector died there. There is a lot of history in that building and there is certainly a lot of interest in that.

“We get loads of people coming in including ex-policemen who just want to look at it because, there’s not many buildings left in Leyland.

“It’s really quite nice and unusual. We just wanted to be a little bit different.”

Local author and historian Joan Langford says the staff accounts from working in the building support the theory there is a ghost lurking in their midst.

She said: “If you don’t believe in ghosts ask any of the staff about the attic room that was sealed up by the police, including taking a staircase out to ensure no one entered ever again.

“The street down the side of the station was named Hewitt after one of the first inspectors and in some stories was the source of the ghost that supposedly haunts the building.

“The position of the old police station could be taken as an indication of the trouble expected from those coming off the trains, though more probably for the convenience of the officials coming to the courts and sessions that were held there, as the train was then the only mode of transport for anyone but the locals.”

The building was left by the police in 1991 when they transferred to their new building on Lancastergate.

Staff at the tea rooms are keen to hear any stories about the building or people who worked their during its time as a police station.

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