Story of former headteacher stirred up memories for local couple

Memories: Mr Lloyd at the Boys School, in Croston
Memories: Mr Lloyd at the Boys School, in Croston
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Kath Almond has contacted Flashback with a delightful story that we featured in the Guardian on February 9.

She explained: “It was about a father and daughter, Graham and Kate Lloyd, who were to run in the London Marathon to raise money for the World Cancer Research Fund.

“Apparently Graham’s 89-year-old father, a retired headmaster, was battling against the disease.

“Although the article did not name his father, I wondered if he was my, and my husband’s, old headmaster.

“We decided to sponsor the couple on-line, and left a message. We were delighted when Mrs Lloyd telephoned to thank us, and amazed that Mr Lloyd actually remembered us, and several of the other pupils.

“The attached photo is of Mr Lloyd with his pupils in the late 1950s.

“The school was known in Croston as the Boys School, from the days when boys and girls were taught separately, but it was demolished in the late 1960s when a new primary school, St. Michael’s, was built.

“In the photograph, I am third from the left seated, my husband Jeff is standing, 4th from the right.

“Mr Lloyd is on the extreme right. And as a point of interest, the boy standing on the extreme left is Neville Norcross, who later became a headmaster at Croston himself, and taught my two children at St. Michaels.”