This is what to do if you have lost your bank card

Here's what to do if you have lost yours
Here's what to do if you have lost yours

Re-tracing your steps, turning your house upside-down in a desperate attempt to find something you know you’ve put down some where – we’ve all had that sense of dread that comes with losing or misplacing something.

New research suggests that while those who lose things regularly aren’t alone, we absolutely need to tighten things up to avoid that horrible, pit-of-your-stomach feeling that comes with losing something important.

With other top prized possessions most commonly lost in the North West being phones (24%), house keys (22%), and glasses (20%) are we becoming ever more forgetful?

Our memories can play a massive role in losing our prized possessions with almost six in ten (58%) people in the North West saying they often put things in a ‘safe place’ only to forget where that safe place actually is. Meanwhile, under half (43%) have lost and cancelled their bank card, only to find it again soon after.

David Palmer, Chief Product Owner – Nationwide Digital said: “We’ve all had that feeling of dread when you go to use something and realise it’s not where you thought it was. That feeling is exasperated when the thing you’ve lost is your debit card as you instantly start to worry that someone may have started spending your money.

“Our research shows that a large majority of people who report their card lost or stolen go on to find it, so being able to freeze their card will reduce both stress and inconvenience. If members can’t find their card, then they can easily report it and order a new one within the banking App.”

Here's what to do if you have lost yours:

• If your card is lost or stolen, it’s important to make sure it can’t be used by someone else.

• Check and see if you can freeze your debit card to give yourself time to look for it. Some banks like Nationwide allow you to do so via their banking app – whilst your card is frozen, it can’t be used to pay for things.

• If you later find your card, you can follow the same instructions to unfreeze it. As soon as you’ve unfrozen your card, it will be ready to use again.

• If you can’t find your card, you can simply order a new one online, via your mobile banking app, by calling your bank, or in person in branch.