Unknown forces friends

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Flashback has come across some photographs showing a group of friends from the forces, and what appears to be the last half of a letter written to the newspaper.

The writer identifies himself in the photographs, and gives clues that he is from Chorley and once worked at a biscuit factory in Adlington, but doesn’t reveal his name at the end of the letter. He is pictured on the far left of the photo taken at a pub, and in the middle of the back row in the other picture.

Flashback would love to hear from anyone who knows him.

He says: “The landlady was Mary Simm who always gave us ten woobines when we went to get the last bus back.

“We did 10 weeks at Fulwood then off to Germany where we met a lot of lads from all over Lancs.

“Names I remember from Chorley were J.Warburton, D.Tott (school pals), J.Carter, F.Catterall, P.Parker, W.Booth, I.Parkinson, and Foss Halliday.

“On leaving the forces I went to work for Weston’s Biscuits in Adlington, where I also met old school pal, garage manager, Roy Latham.

“Best of luck to you lads and best of health.”

He then goes on to name the people in the forces photograph.

From left to right on the back row are Les Robinson (deceased, Chorley), Dick Booth (deceased, Adlington), the writer (Chorley), Robert Taylor (Oswaldtwistle), Tony Whittle (Colne), and on the bottom row are Ken Whitehead (Nelson), Alan Roper (Chorley), Malcolm Atkinson (deceased, Colne), and Roy Urvoy (Burnley).

The faces of those with him in the pub don’t seem to match up with anyone on the forces photograph.

If our readers recognise any of the men, please get in touch by calling Kay Taylor on 01257 264911. We would especially like to know the name of the mystery writer.