Vital clue revealed over identity of Leyland Motors worker

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A statue which portrays a former Leyland Motors worker is gathering interest.

The bronze statue, outside Leyland Market, was sited in the town as part of a £300,000 regeneration project last month.

Appeals have been put out to trace the identity of the man, who is shown on a picture leaving the former North Works site but so far, no light has been shed on the mystery man.

The picture was taken in the 1920s and shows various workers leaving the site, which is now the market, wearing overalls, flat caps and suits.

It had previously been assumed that the photograph was taken when the workers were leaving to go home for the day.

Now, reader Bernard Parkinson has contacted the Guardian to shed what could be a vital clue on the identity of the worker.

“The photo must have been taken on a Saturday”, he said.

“They are all dressed for going home. Likewise, all the buses are there, so it is home time and not lunch time.

“The shadows are virtually due north, so the photo was taken around noon.

“The only day they all go home at noon would be a Saturday.”

The face of the man is partly obscured by his hat, but he appears to be aged around 30 to 40 and could be heading towards Towngate.

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