£700 chicken theft at takeaway

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Thieves stole £700 of chicken when they broke into a Leyland takeaway.

The burglars forced their way into Texaz Fried Chicken on Leyland Lane, Leyland, sometime around 3pm on Friday.

They raided the restaurant's freezers and stole the frozen chicken and other food before fleeing. It was the second time the takeaway has been burgled in the last few months.

Amjad Mahmood, who owns the building and whose brother Tahir runs the takeaway, appealed for help in catching the thieves.

They discovered the burglary as they opened up the shop on Friday and think they may have spotted the culprits running away.

Mr Mahmood said: "It was a big shock. We were burgled before a few months ago. Now it's been done again.

"They have taken all the chicken and frozen stuff and damaged the door and the fridges.

"I don't know how they have done it - around about 3pm is a busy time with people about. Someone must have seen them.

"We were just frightened, if they can come in through the doors, which are very strong. It's terrible really."

Mr Mahmood said his brother had spotted a gang of five or six people, hanging round at closing time on Thursday night, at a nearby garage.

He said they fear they may have been checking out the shop.

Mr Mahmood said: "That was suspicious really."

A Lancashire police spokesman said around 700 of frozen stock had been


She said: "It looks like the burglars have gone in through a back door.

"A quantity of frozen food has been stolen and two freezers damaged."