£200,000 to tidy up town centre

Coun Derek Forrest on Hough Lane in Leyland
Coun Derek Forrest on Hough Lane in Leyland

A pot of up to £200,000 could be made available to spruce up Leyland town centre.

A new neighbourhood plan is being drawn up on ways to improve the town in the coming years.

It was initially thought a sum of around £8,000 would be made available to the new My Neighbourhood forums make improvements.

But it has now been revealed that figure could now be closer to around £200,000.

The pot of cash has been made available from section 106 money, given by developers to local authorities to minimise the impact of new developments or create new infrastructure.

The My Neighbourhood forums have replaced the old area committees, which were disbanded last year.

Coun Derek Forrest, who represents Leyland Central at South Ribble Council, said: “Our plans have been made a bit more exciting because it looks like we may now have a lot more money to spend.

“The money has been hanging about and it has a local tag to it and there is now the chance to draw up a list of projects where that money could be spent.”

Residents are being encouraged to take part in discussions at the next My Neighbourhood meeting, on Thursday at the Civic Centre on West Paddock.

Coun Forrest said: “It might be that people want to see improvements to Hough Lane, so this is the chance for the public to say what they want.

“I have my own thoughts, but it’s about what people would like to see being done in their area.

“We already had a project where films were shown in the Civic Centre, but maybe Leyland should have its own cinema.”

Coun Matthew Tomlinson, chair of the forum, said: “We’re now very close to drawing up a new neighbourhood plan for the Leyland area.

“This will be the public’s chance to have their say on what we put on that plan.

“It does appear we will have a somewhat significant amount of money to spend in the coming years and this will prioritise what we could do in Leyland.

“It might be to provide and encourage better facilities for young people in the evenings, or it could be to grow the revised Leyland Festival or work on things for Christmas.”

The group will meet at 7pm on Thursday at the Civic Centre on West Paddock.