20mph limits reach Farington and Leyland

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New 20mph speed limits were this week enforced across Leyland Central and Farington.

Lancashire County Council has been rolling out the scheme to turn residential areas and roads outside schools from 30mph to 20mph zones, over the past couple of years.

Now, the final phase of works to erect 20mph signs across Leyland is complete, and the restrictions took effect from Monday this week.

Coun Mike Otter, who represents Farington East, said: “I’m totally in favour of this, I think it’s making people think twice about what speed they’re travelling at.

“Studies show that 75 per cent of people who are caught speeding live in the area they are caught out, and I think it’s because they become complacent, but the signs act as a reminder.”

He said it is good news that Bristol Avenue and Lever House Lane in Farington are becoming 20mph zones.

“Those streets acess lots of smaller estates,” he said. “There are also two schools in the area, so there are always lots of children around, either playing out or walking to and from school.”

He added: “I think people are starting to get used to the new limits across other areas of Leyland and Lancashire.

“Some people are still saying it won’t make much difference, but you’ve got to keep re-inforicing the message.

“Other counties are starting to introduce it now that Lancashire has lead the way.”