50m test wind turbine plan submitted

Emnie Lane, Leyland
Emnie Lane, Leyland
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A full planning application for a ‘test’ wind turbine to be built in Leyland has now been submitted.

As previously reported in the Guardian, United Utilities wants to build a 79m wind turbine at its Wastewater Treatment Works site off Emnie Lane, near Leyland Lane.

First though, the firm wants to erect a smaller scale structure to test the suitability of the site, which will be up for two years, if approved.

Formal plans for the 50m ‘meteorological mast’ for a temporary period of two years have now been put forward for consideration by South Ribble Council’s planning


Planning documents read: “The wind speed data currently available for the site shows that it has a good wind resource for wind energy


“However, onsite monitoring of the wind resource is required to further evaluate the wind resource in detail.

“The proposal would enable detailed data to be collected and would assist in the selection of the most appropriate wind turbine model for the site.

“The mast would be constructed in steel sections and would be approximately 200 – 250mm in diameter depending on the model used.

“It would be supported by guy wires that would be secured into the ground via anchor points.

“The mast would support meteorological equipment, a power source and a small transmitter to access the data remotely and would incorporate a lightning rod.”

It states that the installation of the mast is a ‘very minor engineering operation’ that would be undertaken over one or two days, and that this period ‘would be extended only if unforeseen inclement weather was to disrupt the process.’

Residents are now able to submit letters of representation about the plans for the test turbine to the council, and a decision on the meteorological mast is expected to be made by the planning committee in the next few weeks.

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