A Concert for the Concerto

Ryan Wigglesworth
Ryan Wigglesworth

Led by the brilliant young conductor Ryan Wigglesworth, the Liverpool Philharmonic pays a tribute to the art of the orchestral concerto tomorrow night.

The orchestra returna once again to its second home at Preston Guild Hall and turns the performers’ attention to the form which is considered to be the ultimate workout for classical players.

They will be joined by the fabulous young Romanian 
pianist, Alexandra Dariescu, who, as guest soloist for the evening, will breathe new life into Mozart’s wonderful Piano Concerto Number 25.

And Wigglesworth, who was proclaimed the Rising Star for 2011 by BBC Music Magazine, will guide the renowned orchestra through two fantastic Chopin pieces, both of which have been re-orchestrated by Hungarian composer, Igor Stravinsky.

At his hands, Chopin’s Grande Valise Brilliante and his Nocturne No 2, both romantic favourites with audiences, get a whole new spicy twist with this magical Ballets Russes makeover

And the closing highlight of the evening will be the orchestra’s rendition of the Concerto for Orchestra, by another Hungarian genius, Bela Bartok.

Although, ironically, he was dying when he wrote it, the added poignant resonance contributes to make this one of the most life-affirming pieces written in the 20th century.

The concert begins at 7.30pm tomorrow and tickets are still on sale, priced at £19 or £26 with discounts for under 25s, students and the registered disabled, from the box office on 0845 344 2012.