A pint in every Red Lion pub

Cathy Price, from Leyland, is attempting to visit every Red Lion pub in the county
Cathy Price, from Leyland, is attempting to visit every Red Lion pub in the county
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It’s not necessarily the type of challenge you would expect a super-fit personal trainer to embark on.

But 52-year-old Cathy Price, from Leyland, is gearing herself up for a four-year odyssey to have a pint in every Red Lion pub in Britain.

The personal trainer says she isn’t even much of a drinker but came up with the idea as quirky way of seeing remote parts of the country.

Four months into her epic challenge, Cathy has already visited 59 pubs in 11 counties with the famous Red Lion monicker – but with more than 500 left to go she has her work cut out for her.

The grandmother-of-one, who previously lived in Spain, said: “There are just so many great places to visit, I thought this was a chance to get out there and see the country in a different way.”

Cathy, who also works as a property developer, came up with the idea when she got lost during a trip with partner Alan Hurt, who runs Clive Hurt plant hire in Leyland, in the Lake District in April.

She ended up using a local Red Lion pub as a landmark to find her group.

The incident sparked her interest in the historic name, which is reportedly the most common with an estimated 600 pubs around the country.

Cathy, a former Todd Lane High School pupil, aims to visit 11 pubs a month so she can total 100 before the end of the year. At the end of the journey she hopes to write a book.

She said: “It takes over your life in some ways.

“I’ve got a map in the kitchen with bits of cork and pins sticking out all over the place showing the places I’ve been. It really is fascinating.”

Although she couldn’t name her favourite, she singled the Red Lion in nearby Mawdesley for praise.

“They are all interesting in their own way,” she said. “You get some funny looks in some smaller places but we’ve met some great people.”