Action group’s fury over new plans

Farington Moss: Croston Road
Farington Moss: Croston Road
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More plans have been put forward for houses on land in Farington Moss, Leyland.

Wainhomes this week submitted an application to South Ribble Council to build 14 detached houses off Murray Avenue, near Croston Road.

It comes after plans for 350 homes were drawn up last month, which are set to be built between Heatherleigh and Croston Road by another developer, if they are given the go-ahead.

The site has been allocated for housing as part of the council’s Local Development Framework (LDF), which has been years in the making, and has recently been sent off for approval to the planning inspectorate.

It outlines that there is room for 650 houses on the land in Farington Moss, but residents in the area have set up an action group to fight the scheme.

Chairman of the group, Ian Braddock, said: “We’re worried this is just the start.

“The council has said that there is space for 650 houses, so it’s inevitable that we’re going to see more and more planning applications coming up.

“If we have any chance of fighting this, we’re going to have to encourage residents to write letters of objection to every single application which is put forward.”

People are concerned about traffic problems if more families move to the area, and do not want to lose the open space.

The new plans from Wainhomes also include the formation of a pedestrian and cycle link within the site.

A statement from Wainhomes included in the planning document says: “The proposed development is deliverable within the next five years and would assist in meeting the council’s shortfall in housing land supply.

“As the land is safeguarded for development it is a logical site to come forward now.”

It adds: “All of the proposed dwellings within the application site would be served by one new access which would be an extension of Murray Avenue, which is an existing cul-de-sac accessed from Moss Lane.”

A letter of objection has been written from Jill and Martin Blanshard, who live in Five Acres.

They say: “The roads surrounding these developments are well known for having significant traffic problems during peak hours.

“As there is very little employment within walking distance of this development, residents will be travelling outside the area, using all of the local roads to get to Preston or the motorway.”

They added that there is already a problem with ‘gangs of youths hanging around street corners causing a nuisance’ and said the development will bring more teens to the area.