Advice to combat bike thefts

Inspector Steve Evans of leyland Police
Inspector Steve Evans of leyland Police
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THE owner of a Leyland cycle shop has issued a warning to all bike owners after a wave of thefts are happening in the town.

Bill Hickson, of Bill Hickson Bikes on Towngate, believes it is a national problem and cyclists should be on their guard.

He said: “I am getting someone different coming into my shop every day saying that they had a bike stolen.

“It is an ongoing issue

because there is a high value commodity.

“I am not sure what is done with them when they are stolen but could be sold for parts or even people buying them.

“It is become an easy thing to steal and they are often stripped down which makes it difficult for the police to distinguish them again.

“They can be so costly as well with some fetching thousands of pounds.”

Mr Nickson has some advice for cyclists if they do not want to fall victim of the thieves.

He said: “Don’t leave them at railway stations or places if they are going to be there for a long time.

“You have to be so careful with them.

“Apart from locking them I think that you should attach them to something immovable like a lamppost which they are unlikely to move.

“Sometimes people just lock the bike but the thieves just get some cutters and break it whereas if it attached to the wall it will take longer to do.

“One of the best things to combat it is a D-lock which is costs £25 but they will struggle to cut that up.

“Also it comes with a guarantee that if it is stolen the company will give you £800 because they are so confident that it will stay.”

Sgt Steve Evans of Leyland Police said: “We have been running a couple of events at supermarkets about bicycle security.

“Some of them are quite expensive and they are valuable.

“We would agree with the comments that you should lock the bike to something secure to stop opportunist thieves.”

If you see any bikes being stolen contact 101.