After-school club clearly learning from criticism

Leyland Orthodox Christian Church
Leyland Orthodox Christian Church

An after-school club deemed inadequate by Government inspectors is on the road to recovery.

St Anne’s After-School Club in Leyland, which looks after children from four primary schools, was dubbed “inadequate” by Ofsted following an inspection last year.

Now, after a monitoring visit, bosses have said the provision is making “satisfactory improvement”.

Inspectors were called in to the club, based in the Orthodox Christian Church on Leyland Lane, in October following a complaint.

They found that, on some occasions, the provider did not ensure there were sufficient staff to meet the safeguarding and welfare requirements of the early years foundation stage.

A report from the watchdog said: “This means the effectiveness of the care provided is limited, and children’s welfare, safety and well-being are compromised.”

The report said: “The required records Disclosure and Barring Service checks are not retained for some staff.

“There have been previous occasions when non-compliance relating to this has


“It means that the actions previously set by Ofsted have not been addressed satisfactorily and children’s safety is compromised.”

It continued: “The provider does not use systematic self-evaluation to plan for future improvements or review the effectiveness of any changes made.

“Children lack opportunities to participate in vigorous or energetic play.”

But following a monitoring visit at the end of November, a letter from Susan Gregory, HMI, said the club was making satisfactory improvement.

The letter said that as a result of the inspection, the club was given a welfare requirements notice, as well as a notice to improve.

It said: “Having considered all the evidence the inspector is of the opinion that at this time the provider is making satisfactory improvement overall in relation to the welfare requirements notice and notice to improve.”

Margaret Temmen, who runs the after school club, said: “The problems have all been dealt with.

“They said as long as I sustained what I had put in place when she came in November, she will put me in for another inspection.

“It will have to be another inspection to get out of inadequate.”

The provision had been declared “satisfactory” following an inspection in May last year, after being criticised the previous year for not enhancing children’s learning.