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Use your body better to increase your clubhead speed

A key factor to hitting the ball further is to increase your club-head speed.

When I see many people try this they use their body incorrectly, failing to increase speed and losing accuracy.

The most efficient way to you your body is to start from the ground, with the legs and hips moving first, followed by the torso and finally the arms and club.

This is using the kinematic sequence correctly and it helps a golfer increase speed and accuracy.

When I see people trying to think about this sequence, the timing is poor and results are not what they are after.

The best way to test your sequence is to stand side on to your target and throw the ball over-arm.

You learn this as a child and most use the ground well when throwing the ball.

The best drill and feeling when swinging the club is to get to the top of the back-swing as normal and feel like you throw the club towards the target as hard as you can.

It will take some practice but you will definitely increase your club-head speed and hit the ball further

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